CC Community Kitchen Volunteer Resource Guide


   In 1989, the College established the Center for Community Service to promote involvement in and responsibility to our community.  Students who volunteered at Marion House, a community kitchen in downtown Colorado Springs, realized that the facility did not serve a warm meal on Sundays.  To fill this void, students initiated an on-campus kitchen at Colorado College. The students worked with college administrators and community resources to launch the Colorado College Community Kitchen.

   Since its inception in April 1992, the Kitchen has welcomed the homeless on campus to partake of food and companionship that nourishes both the body and soul.  It is appropriate that the meal is shared in the College’s Shove Chapel.

   Students and community members alike work to create a sense of belonging.  While two modestly paid student co-managers organize the menu plan, approximately five to 15 volunteers assist with preparation for the meal.  Volunteers include Palmer High School students, church groups, Air Force Academy volunteers, and members of on-campus groups who have chosen a particular Sunday to volunteer together.  Even students who are not formal volunteers that day are encouraged to socialize with visitors during the Sunday meal.


   The Colorado College Community Soup Kitchen was founded in 1992 by a group of students dedicated to social justice.  Upon realizing that there was nowhere for homeless and hungry individuals to eat on Sunday afternoons, these students organized a weekly meal through the college so that no one in our community would go hungry. The CC Community Kitchen served its first meal on Easter Sunday in 1992. Kitchen managers relied on donations from the food service provider on campus and local grocery stores to provide the food that was served.  Over the years, the number of guests served each week has grown; today the kitchen serves between 100 and 150 people per week, including special holiday meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many years later, the dedication of these students lives on as the Kitchen continues to serve hot, nourishing meals every Sunday to any and all in need. 


   We strongly believe in the power of communities to solve their own problems. A healthy community recognizes, understands, and values each individual’s unique capacity to contribute. By combining many individuals’ talents, great changes can be made. Within the Colorado Springs community, many people experiencing hard times are marginalized and forgotten. By supplying food and company, the Colorado College Community Kitchen seeks to help these community members get back on their feet so that they will once again feel like active builders and participants of our city. The kitchen provides a supportive haven for these people so that they can get the emotional support and respect that they deserve and need. Additionally, the Community Kitchen provides a unique opportunity for students to become aware of these unique community issues, break down false stereotypes about the hungry and homeless population, and realize the importance and satisfaction of being active participants of their larger community. 


   The Colorado College Community Kitchen seeks to go beyond merely providing a meal. We encourage volunteers to sit and have lunch with our guests so that we foster an interactive atmosphere. We try not to breed an image of simply “helping the homeless,” because our volunteers get back in the form of awareness, inspiration, and friendship—much of what they give to our guests.
Colorado College Community Kitchen

About the Kitchen

We are a Care & Share Agency

We are the only completely student run soup kitchen in America serving 80 – 200 people nutritious, varied meals every Sunday. We welcome anybody and everybody to eat with us, volunteer with us, and donate.

Hours of Operation:  Every Sunday, 9:30am to 4:30pm

Sunday lunch served at 1:45 p.m.; breakfast foods served until 1:45 p.m.


Shove Memorial Chapel

Colorado College Campus

1010 N. Nevada Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Donors and Affiliates

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The Marian House


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Miller Farms

Colorado Running Company

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